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Personal Income Tax Checklists

We have created a 2020 Personal Income Tax Return Checklist to assist you in organizing your personal tax information including relevant tax slips.

Click to open the Personal Income Tax Return Checklist and then print to fill out.

Please note that not all items on the checklist may be applicable to you. You need only to update the first section of the checklist if there are any changes. e.g. new address, new dependents

For those that worked from home during the pandemic, we have created a different checklist to ensure you have all the proper forms and calculations needed.

Click to open the Working From Home Checklist and print to fill out.


Due to COVID-19 our office is limited to the number of clients in at a time.

There is a drop box located at the front door for those who wish to use it. Like last year, we are offering a PDF version or a paper version of your personal tax return. If necessary, information can be emailed to limit contact in the office.

We will again be open on Saturdays from 9am to noon throughout March and April to accommodate the drop off and pickup of tax information. This will start on March 6th 2021 and continue until April 24th 2021.

We look forward to assisting you in preparing your 2020 personal tax returns.